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Championship Softball Again for the HS Gold Lady Panther at USSSA Clermont Event!

    1st Place win for the 07' Lady Panthers! Congrats girls!

    The Weekend was Cold - The The Lady Panthers '05 were HOT!

    Lady Panthers '05-Perry Find the Gold Tournament

    Lady Panthers '05-Perry Find the Gold Tournament

    Your Lady Panthers '05 represented at the Find the Gold Tournament 2019! 

    The weather got cold, but the Lady Panthers were HOT! 

    Running player stats including this tournament are as follows:

    Top batting average 
    1. DeLanie .531
    2. Adriana and Mercedes .500
    3. Maggie .479

    Top on base percentage
    1. Adriana .666
    2. DeLanie .611
    3. Sadie .580

    Top RBI
    1. Maggie, Adriana and Emily 14
    2. Luci 12
    3. Jade, Sadie and DeLanie 10

    Jade and DeLanie still have 0 strike outs

    Lady panthers logo header

    Port Orange Lady Panthers

    The mission of the Port Orange Lady Panther program is to provide girls in our community with intensive skill development and a high level of competition, preparing them for the next level of play.  Our goal is to develop skills, confidence, sportsmanship, teamwork, and leadership.  These are things that will empower our young ladies on the field and in life.


    Champions prepare and practice as champions long before they're recognized as champions. They create a consistent pattern of excellence in all their habits.

    07' Lady Panthers at the USSSA Halloween Tourney - Check out Coach Holly & Coach Cheyenne!!!

    Tiana Davis CRUSHES a Homerun OTF at the USSSA Hallowween Semi-Final Game! #dinger #chicophotocredit

    Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser 09' Lady Panthers!

    Port Orange Lady Panthers

    Port Orange Lady Panthers

    Organizational Director of Player Development

    Phone: Shane Bartholomew 386.212.5210

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