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By Member of PantherNation, 04/19/18, 11:30AM EDT


These aren't just simple lines


One of the beauties of competitive softball is a freshly laid simple line of chalk spread evenly across a field of clay. The early morning dew darkens the soil further highlighting this simple line. However, this line for a talented group of young women is anything but simple. In stepping across this line onto the field of play a necessary transformation occurs. This line establishes and defines character, culture, heart, effort, compassion, instinct, integrity, intensity, and love for a game. What happens on the inside of these lines parallels adult life in many ways. Inside these lines success is only found in intense effort, character is built from how one moves forward after an error, and selfless integrity is derived from being the teammate your team needs you to be. Outside these lines develops a compassionate, responsible, dedicated, and respectful young woman who with the support of their family and team continues to gain the mental and physical skills required to find success and happiness in life. No these aren’t just simple lines. 

How will you take the field next time you sprint across that line? Remember, only you control that decision.

Member of PantherNation